The world's best in Las Vegas, how many have you missed?


Las Vegas, sensuality is one side, romance and beauty is the other side. Some people say that Las Vegas is two sides of a coin, one is heaven and the other is hell. Perhaps this statement can be changed, it is indeed two sides of the coin, but one is earth and the other is heaven. So have you missed the best of the world in this paradise on earth?

1 The busiest city that never sleeps

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada, USA. In addition to its famous entertainment industry, it is also a vivid and exciting city. When you come here, you must learn how to enjoy this city that never sleeps.

It seems that the night in Las Vegas is difficult to be shrouded in darkness. All kinds of noisy and boiling performances, unique hotels on Vegas Avenue, and beautiful escorts make the carnivores who come here want to indulge and enjoy themselves. The one-day wedding, and of course those unmissable natural landscapes full of wild flavor, they fill the city of Las Vegas, and every building in Las Vegas is a landscape. It is not only a place where luxury hotels and casinos gather, but also brings together the world's beauty, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Obelisk, the Pyramid, the Sphinx... In short, it will definitely attract your attention. Just walk around the city of Las Vegas and you've traveled to several continents!

2 The largest Ferris wheel in the world

People who come to Las Vegas always think of those brilliant neon lights and exquisite wines first. The city has a grand and inclusive temperament, but it also has a small and delicate romance. For example, here you can accompany the city to watch a complete high roller Ferris wheel from dusk to sunset.

The Hawker Ferris Wheel is the largest Ferris wheel in the world. It is near the Caesars Palace Hotel, so it is very convenient to visit here. The best time is to board the eye of this huge city at dusk, and slowly accompany the city of Las Vegas through the romance from sunset to the beginning of the lanterns. This is a city built on the desert, so more than ten It takes a few minutes to reach the top of the Ferris wheel, and you can see the whole picture of the city. On the one hand, the magnificent hotel covers his lively, and on the other hand, the vast desert is dazzlingly reflected by the golden sunlight at dusk. The flights at the airport never take off. Stop, don't know where they are about to fly, what kind of separation and encounter they are carrying, secretly speculate about their destination, this should be the most distinctive feature of this Ferris wheel. Get close to the city and feel its "Nightless" charm from the romance of the sky.

3 most photographed dams in Hollywood

When you come to Las Vegas, in addition to various entertainment activities and modern landscape facilities, there are of course the Grand Canyon that most people do not want to miss, as well as the dream-like world-class beauty. They are dotted around Las Vegas like stars, giving this city that never sleeps more diverse and colorful charm.

Thinking about finding out what the end of the world should look like, I came to the Hoover Dam, which is about 40 kilometers away from Las Vegas. This is a famous water conservancy project in the United States, as well as many movies such as "2012", "Transformers" and so on. An important scene in a blockbuster. Speaking of which, if there is no Hoover Dam, then Las Vegas will not have the title of "city that never sleeps". The Hoover Dam makes the neon of Las Vegas never go out and continuously injects into the city. Vitality and vitality. Therefore, the scene in the end of the world will only exist in the mind forever. The bottom of Lake Mead under the dam does not imprison Megatron. This will be the power source of Las Vegas and will use its sinuous body to maintain The timeless charm of the city.

4 Best Outlets

One of the most important things to do in Las Vegas is shopping! The Outlets in Las Vegas are really good. This is the closest and largest fashion boutique outlet to Vegas Boulevard and the city center, so this is the first choice when you come out of the hotel and want to go shopping! Basically, the more popular brands can be bought here. There is a bus to the outlet in front of the Paris hotel. You can buy a single ticket or a few-day ticket according to your needs. And before entering the mall to go shopping, you can go to the visitor center to get a discount coupon, so that many brands can enjoy discounted discounts, and you can often visit a store for a long time. So when you come to Las Vegas, you need to empty your suitcase, otherwise you won't be able to put this full of gifts!

5 The densest high-end hotels.

When night falls in the city that never sleeps, it is the most splendid moment of the city. Speaking of Las Vegas hotels, they can no longer be regarded as hotels that provide accommodation services. They are more like large-scale comprehensive entertainment kingdoms, lively performances, exquisite food, and everything. When I go to Las Vegas, I will definitely recommend the hundreds of world-renowned hotels on Vegas Boulevard. This time I chose the Caesars Palace Hotel. When I booked online, I saw the distinctive architectural style here. The Roman-style building adds a strong literary atmosphere to the night in Las Vegas. Every statue here is a classic reproduction. Trance into the ancient Roman era. Moreover, the Caesars Palace Hotel also has the number one buffet. The location is superior and the transportation is convenient, which is very suitable for travel.

The Caesars Palace Hotel is located in the very center of Central Avenue, which means that you can walk to the venues of major performances from here. From the hotel lobby, you can enjoy the famous musical fountain in Las Vegas. Even in the room, it also enjoys the invincible city view in the center. At any time, you can grab a cup of coffee and overlook the quiet days and bright nights of Las Vegas.

Of course, in Las Vegas there are still many wonderful things that cannot be missed, such as the most beautiful performances, such as dancing musical fountains, such as countless natural scenery on both sides of the road, such as the owner of a small bar The old story of  ….

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