Learn these five things to help you prevent escort scams


When you are looking for an escort online, you may encounter scams. Not only do you not get the services you want, but you will also be defrauded of your money. What should do if you encounter scams? Or is there any way to prevent escort scams? I will teach you next!

Female escorts scamer are not bad in appearance, figure, and temperament. When you think you might be able to pick up a great deal, it's likely to be a scam. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the method when choosing an escort. There are many online escort platforms now, but no matter what platform it is, there will be some scammers among them, so how do we judge whether it is a scammer? Here are a few points for you

If you can fully grasp the above three points when choosing, then the chance of encountering fraud will be greatly reduced, but it still cannot be eliminated. So if we encounter similar fraud, what should we do? What should we pay attention to before and during the escort?

I have encountered scams twice, but with my own vigilance, I finally avoided the danger.

The first time was an escort who insisted on going to bed with me in the middle of the night, and took the initiative to send me the address of my home. I said that it was too late to drag her, and I rushed over without stopping, then observed in the corner, and passed a When I was young, the girl was impatient, she would disappear if she didn’t see it, and then I saw a girl come out (it should be my escort) and talk to three men about something. At this time, I called the girl, and the girl really answered the phone. , while making a gesture to ask the three men to stop talking, I lied that I was on my way over, and I would be there in ten minutes. After hanging up the phone, the girl said something to the three men, and the three men immediately hid. , it's definitely a scam.

The second time, the girl took the initiative to open a room for me. After I went downstairs, I talked to the front desk of the hotel and learned that the room was opened in the morning, but at that time (at 4 o'clock in the afternoon) the girl told me that it was an hourly room that was just opened. , it can be concluded that this estimate is also a fraud.

How to prevent fraud? Let's talk about several modes of fairy jumping first.

The first: Call In, ask you to go to her house.

The second: Call In, open the room in advance.

The third: Call Out, let you provide the address, disarm you, and then let you take a shower, and send the address to your accomplice while you are in the shower. In fact, no matter what kind of immortal dance, it is based on the location. Only when the location is known can the accomplices take advantage of it.

Must-have tools: a cell phone jammer, an extra cell phone, a candid camera, all of which are available on Amazon, and it doesn't cost much. Compared to you being scammed, these are trivial things.

With these three weapons, you can basically prevent fraud.

You may ask: why did the escort go out?

Because her cell phone has no signal! Cell phone signal jammers are sold on Amazon, about less than $50 a piece, I have one, and the effect of using it is excellent, even if you are a satellite phone, it can block you cleanly!

There is another situation, that is, framed, that is to say, when the girl is about to start having sex, she will shout indecent assault, rape, etc. When you enter the police station, you will be speechless. After foreplay, all kinds of temptation and temptation, in a word: let the police see that this is a ready-made fact, if you like it. What if the police don't believe it?

The sneak camera is here! Take it out and see it at a glance. At most, it will criticize and educate you, and rape will definitely not be sentenced.

All scams are nothing more than to make you lose your mind first, and then liars can take advantage of it, so after so many years, no matter what kind of superb I encounter, I will take preventive measures first, and always tell myself something in my heart: Not so many good things.

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